Booking Policies

Booking Policies
PHOTOGRAPHY RATES One hour minimum; fractions to the next half hour. Booking length must be specified and will be billed accordingly. 26G must be given client, advertising agency, end use, and product information at the time of the booking. Open-ended bookings must be authorized by the office. Rates for multiple days are negotiable.
OVERTIME Daily work hours in excess of 8 hours will be charged at time and one-half. Bookings or portions thereof before 8:00 am and/or after 6:00 pm are time and one-half.
SATURDAY Time and one-half.
FITTING SESSIONS Half fee; one hour minimum. On set/on location styling and make-up, full fee.
WEATHER PERMIT Must be stated at the time of the booking. Type of weather must be specified. First cancellation due to weather is at no charge, provided it is rebooked at the time of the cancellation. Not rebooked, half fee. At location, full fee. Second cancellation, half fee; third and subsequent cancellations, full fee.
TENTATIVE BOOKINGS Tentatives (“Holds”) will be considered in effect until 10:00 am on the following business day at which time they will automatically lapse unless reconfirmed by the client.

Location shots which are 20 miles outside the booking office metropolitan area will be billed at half the hourly rate. Travel time must be discussed and confirmed prior to the shooting schedule.
SPECIAL RATES Men’s underwear  and . Nudes-Negotiable
EDITORIAL Negotiable. 
NON-UNION TV/FILM Contracts negotiated on a project or daily basis. Check with our office for particulars and options. Rates vary by performance category, media and use. We normally do not book non-union extras. Session fees over 8 hours are prorated at time and one half. Simultaneous on set photography for print or other non-TV/film advertising is a separate contract.
UNION FILM/TV Contact Foxwood Talent Payment (585-223-1635) for contract particulars. We can serve as signatories on Industrial/ Educational contracts.
USAGE All rights are granted contingent upon payment of all fees, including agency service charges. 26G must be informed of end use, client, advertising agency, and product at the time of the booking. Rights released are only those specifically listed on the Uniform Model Release provided by the models. All other rights are reserved. Use fees will be charged for billboards, posters, packaging, POP’s, national retail magazine/newspaper ads, international uses, FSI’S, stills for television, internet use, exclusivity, use of name and/or other special uses. Usages are for a one-year period unless otherwise specified. If a usage fee has been negotiated, options for such usages must be exercised within sixty days of the signing of the contract or said fees will be subject to re-negotiation. Paid use fees are non-refundable.
WARDROBE Models/talent for commercial print/film will provide a maximum of 3 “generic” outfits. Specific wardrobe is the responsibility of the stylist or client.
RELEASES Valid releases will be provided by the models/actors. Client agrees that all other releases are invalid unless signed by an Officer of Blackwood-Steele, Inc. Models WILL NOT SIGN and will not be asked to sign any release other those they provide or those provided by 26G.  Releases valid only upon receipt of payment including use fees, service charges, and interest charges.
CONFLICTS/EXCLUSIVITY Please check with 26G regarding possible product conflicts. We will provide you with the most accurate information available to us. We do not, however, guarantee or warranty the accuracy of the information. Exclusivity must be negotiated as a special use.
SERVICE CHARGE A service charge of 20 percent will be added to all model/talent fees, use fees, and re-negotiated fees. Overdue accounts will be charged at the rate of 2% per month of the unpaid balance. In the event of non-payment all collection costs (including any legal expenses and court fees) will be the responsibility of the client, advertising agency, or their representatives.
CLIENT LIABILITY All parties contracting for models’ services are considered to be acting for the client specified in the  26G Provided Model Release Billing Collection Authorization. 26G  and 26G models/talent reserve the right of recourse to the named client in regard to payment, use, etc. In accordance with the customs of the industry, Model, and 26G  will accept the signature of the photographer or studio employee on the supplied contract as binding upon the advertising agency, publication or sponsor for whom the work is performed. No comparable model on a booking may be paid more in booking or usage fees than the model submitting the Nexus contract.
PAYROLL LIABILITY AND CHARGES  26G models become employees of record for tax purposes of Foxwood Talent Payment, Inc.  See 26G Legal Page .  This is not optional. Client will be billed for all  required government employer taxes plus a payroll handling fee.  Please get job cost  estimates from us in writing before booking. We are pleased to provide written quotes during your bidding and budgeting processes.